The future of cell phones: Folding screens

Without a doubt, cell phones have evolved by leaps and bounds from those devices that only allowed making and receiving calls. Today, you can send instant messages anywhere in the world, play the social casino from Facebook, take pictures in high definition or attend a job interview through a video call. In addition to their functionalities, they have changed size and their screens seem to be one of the most innovative features they have supported. One thing is always the same: new features promise to improve our experience and ultimately our lives.

Foldable screens are the latest invention of cell phone developers, have you heard of them?

Foldable screensThe

reason why cell phone developers, like Huawei or Motorola, designed a new type of screen is simple: our phones have evolved so successfully that they no longer need to be constantly changed. This, of course, brought great concern to the companies that, in search of generating more sales, started working on the prototypes of folding screens and each one has created very different models from each other. Some have two screens that, when opened, work like a tablet; others are smaller and, when folded, have a miniature screen that allows you to see notifications. lenovo has succeeded in making a device over 30 centimeters long that, when opened, can fold like a book and work like a computer.

What they all have in common is the use of a hinge that allows the phone to move.

Advantages and disadvantagesThe

reception of the new folding phones has not been very good: the press has criticized these devices as they seem to be more prone to breakage and do not have many functionalities. On the other hand, the screens do not have the image quality we are used to and this is due to a lower amount of pixels. In addition, the fact that these phones have a hinge means that the image in that area does not have the same quality as the rest of the screen. Another considerable change from the cell phones we are used to has to do with their size: after spending years trying to achieve devices that are as thin as possible, their thickness increases.

However, there are some advantages that make them desirable:

  • Strength: While the phone itself seems to be more prone to breakage, the screens will be stronger because of the flexibility.
  • Comprehensive design: Whether the design features two folding screens or a flexible one, in one device we will have a cell phone and a tablet. When the screen is unfolded, the size of our phone doubles and this allows us, mainly, to enjoy more entertainment.
  • Functionality: These devices will allow us to work and enjoy entertainment at the same time. This means that we can open a certain application on one screen and a completely different one on the second one. Unlike the split screen, we will have the content in a much larger frame.

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