Brazilian online games may soon be regulated

The regulation of gambling and sports betting in Brazil has been awaited for several years. Currently under discussion, along with online gambling issues, Brazil is now approaching the potential legalization of this type of activity. The casinos have always been one of the passions of the Brazilian people who, for several years, have been waiting for the creation of conditions that allow the legal realization of this type of activity. Along with physical casinos, sports betting and the digital operators of these markets were also awaited with some expeptiation.

The law governing online gaming in Brazil is, in fact, old and outdated, not contemplating the issues of the technological world nor counting on a regulation capable of protecting users and the financial interests of the country. To this extent, the liberalization of this market, through a regulatory strategy, could present very positive contours for Brazil, both in social terms, tourism and the economy. In spite of everything that has been said, however, many people have not yet concretely understood what can be expected from the regulation of the games in Brazil. Come and find out what is changing in this process.

What legislative changes are expected for the Brazilian gaming market?

Much has been speculated about the legislative changes that will guide the new Brazilian regime of online gambling.

At this stage, however, the concrete traces of what will happen are still scarce, and the process is in a discussion phase. Among the bets discussed, the main intention was to regulate the digital markets of online casinos and online sports betting. In order to allow this change, it was also foreseen the creation of specific entities for the regulation of the market, including expert teams, which would supervise the operators responsible for the diffusion of this type of game, guaranteeing the compliance with all the legal rules.

What can the Brazilian player expect with the regulation of the market?

The regulation of the online gambling and betting sector has had very positive results around the world. Besides being the best way to ensure that all tax duties are fulfilled, this type of measure allows to screen operators, leaving only those that are effectively safe for players and that work under professionalism and transparency.

In this way, the Brazilian player can expect new operators to emerge, reliable and that will contribute positively to the gaming experience and to the national economy. The reduction in the number of illegal gaming spaces and the entrance of international operators are also two changes foreseen and very positive for Brazil.

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